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Machine to machine (M2M) technologies support the wireless and wired systems to
communicate with other devices. The Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi or Ethernet will provide
solutions for M2M.
  • Automation
  • Sensors
  • etc..
The active RFID tag and reader are built in the unique ID and provide the RSSI or LQI
value to supports the real time location system applications. The low power consumption
tag will support the long working time and built in the sensors which will various of

  • Location or tracking system: Asset, Passenger, Patient, Trailer, Animal, Cart,
    Mining worker
  • Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle, Factory, Hospital, Superstore,
    School, Warehouse
  • Anti-theft system for Luxury, Antique, Paintings, Plant, Asset
  • Logistic management
  • Security system for tunnel worker, waiter, waitress, valued object
1. Machine to Machine (M2M)
3. Wireless sensor network (WSN)
2. Real Time Location System (RTLS)
4. Gateway & Cloud design and service
1. Bluetooth V2.1 SPP
2. Bluetooth V4.0 BLE
3. WiFi
4. Zigbee
5. UHF
6. Ethernet

The sensors include:
1. Temperature, Humidity
2. IR Temperature
3. 3-D G-sensor
4. CO, CO2, Gas, Smoke, PM2.5
7. UV
8. NTC

The network will support 1-1, 1-N star or Mesh network.
The gateway will support the data collection and remote control applications. The users
will log in the system to monitor the system via mobile platform, iOS or Android. The cloud
system will connect with the gateways for Internet applications. The gateway will support
the followings OS.
1. Linux
2. Android

The cloud will sync with the gateway and trigger the alarm by sending E-Mail, SMS, FB or
Wechat. The user will receive the emergency message. The applications will include.
1. Smart home
2. Green power
3. Environment monitoring
4. Personal security
5. Asset security
6. Plant factory
7. Smart hospital
8. Real time location system (RTLS)
9. Location base service (LBS)