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Even small quantity, we care about the quality and cost.
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1. OEM/ODM service
We supply the OEM or ODM service for the PCBA or end products. We aim to deliver
customer satisfaction by providing the high-quality products, services, competitive cost and
efficient schedule that satisfy the customer requirements and trust.
2. APP customized design
We supply the APP design via the Bluetooth, Ethernet or WiFi communication. The mobile
user will monitor or control the remote devices anywhere. The iOS or Android is available.
Our service will focus on the system integration for machine to machine and Internet of
Things applications.
4. Product Assembly, Test, Package service
We supply the assembly, test and package service. The MOQ is not limited. The qualified
operators will follow the procedures of the SOP and SIP offered by the customers. Any
products are welcome to be assembly, tested and QC in our factory. Even small quantity, we
care the schedule and quality.   
IQC --> Storage --> Assembly --> Test --> --> Label --> Package --> Shipping
PCBA: Design concept --> Layout (Firmware design) --> PCBA making --> MP
Housing: ID Design --> MD design --> Mock up making --> Mold making --> MP
3. Software or System customized design
We supply the software or system customized design. The home gateway, home automation,
industrial automation, real time location system, remote control and monitoring system are
available. We design the system based on HTML5 and Java skills to cross over the platform.
System concept --> System analysis --> System design --> Test