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Male DB9:
Top View:
Rear View:
Test Video
1. Baud Rate: 9,600 bps (Default), 115,299 bps (option)
3. Parity: none
4. Stop bit: 1
5. Data bit: 8
6. Range: 70 m ,in open space (depend on actual environment)
7. Signal: TxD, RxD, GND
8. RS-232 Interface: D_SUB 9-pin female
9. Antenna Gain: max. 2 dB
10. Profiles: BLE Observer
11. Frequency: 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz
12. Tx. Power: Max. 4 dBm
13. Rx. Sensitivity: -96 dBm typical
14. Power Supply: 5~40 VDC
15. Current Consumption: max. 30 mAh (for reference)
16. Operation Temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C
17. Dimensions: 81.6 mm (L) x 31.75 mm (W) x 17 mm (H)
DIP switch setting of packet format:
Bridge for the beacon reader:
1. WiFi RS-232
2. Ethernet RS-232
BLE Observer, BLE broadcaster, BLE Reader, RTLS, Indoor location system, LBS, Asset tracking system, Personal tracking
system, BLE Gateway, BLE Reader gateway, BLE RTLS, GPS, LBS, Location system, AOA, BLE AOA
The NB-IOT RS-232 adapter supports the mobile
TCP/IP applications. The HW or FW will be
customized by the requirements, please contact
us. The Modbus of RS-485 support the check sum
on slave side. The cloud system will be customized
by the requirements.
NB-IOT RS-232 adapter
Model: S2NB232E (External Dipole Antenna)
NB-IOT RS-232 adapter