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compare to the RSSI range which is set on the location area by the
2. Middleware Module:
The middleware module provides resident service to query deployed readers
to get the communication packet from tag. The communication packet
contains tag_ID, reader_ID, exciter_ID, RSSI, emergent button pushed,
battery life, etc. The middleware can disassemble the communication packet
send from tag and save to database. If the deployment information changed,
we must load the deployment file and save to database before start the

3. Monitoring Module:
The monitoring module provides the graphic user interface to present the
personal location and to monitor the status. It retrieves the tag information
from database to refresh the monitoring screen. If the emergent button is
pushed or entering alarm area is happened, the top screen will pop up the
warming image and alarm voice is started. Also, the monitoring module
provides the function to maintain the tag data and setup the system
4. Data analysis Module:
The data analysis module provides the function to query history data and
analyze the history data to find some specific behavior. The history data
records who pushes the emergent button and when to push it. Also, the
history records who and when enters each location area and when to leave
it. By the cross-analysis, we can find the specific personal activities trajectory.
Real Time Location System (RTLS) with BLE Active RFID
Model: RTLS
1. Introduction:
The LBS system provides the functions to support the indoor real time
locating. It includes Deployment, Middleware, Monitoring and Data analysis
 Indoor location system: School, Baggage, Pet, Asset, Vehicle
 Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle, Factory, Hospital,
Superstore, School, Warehouse
 Security: Antique, Paintings, Valued goods, Luxury, Asset, Equipments
The reader will sense the tag and report the packet for location estimation.
The tag ID, reader ID and RSSI between tag and reader will be used for the
estimation of the position and distance.
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RTLS (Real Time Location System)