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RTLS Gateway
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Smart RTLS Gateway
Model: RTLS-Gateway-C (Ceiling mounted type)
Model: RTLS-Gateway-W (Wall mounted type)
1. BLE Beacon scanner:
- Range: max. 20~70 m in open space, depend on TX power and environment
- RX Sensitivity: -98 dBm
- Antenna Gain: max. 2 dB

2. Ethernet or WiFi
- IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards compliant
- Frequency Range: 2.400 ~ 2.4835GHz
- Security: 64/128-bits WEP, TKIP,WPA, WPA2, AES
- Built-in web server configuration
- AP or Station mode
- 10/100 MHz RJ-45

3. LTE (option)
- LTE FDD Cat.1, 3GPP release 10 compliant
- Rx Diversity and MIMO DL 2x2
- Single Rx option
- VoLTE support
- SMS over IMS
- Built in UDP/TCP/FTP/SMTP stack
- IPv4/IPv6 stack
- Support OTA

4. Zigbee (Option): TI 2630
5. HaLow (Option), IEEE 802.11 ah
6. UHF Mesh (Option) for relay control
7. Interface: Digital Output x 4, Digital input x 4
8. Sensor: (Option)
8.1 Microwave (10GHz): Motion/Occupancy detection, Range and velocity measurements,
Vital sign sensing, • Security and surveillance, Wireless health care monitoring
8.2 Temperature/Hulidity
8.3 Gas sensor
8.4 G-sensor

9. Customization design:
9.1 Hardware
9.2 Firmware
9.3 Cloud
BLE Beacon scanner Packet Format: (Customized: filtering or packet format)

Test Video:
- Scan all BLE beacon or filter the specific packet, ex.
iBeacon(Apple), Eddystone(Google) or Uconnect. The
packet will be bridge to the Internet or cloud.
- Integrate with BLE beacon scanner
- Internet or Cloud link via Wifi, Ethernet, LTE, NB-IOT
- Support external I/O control interface, ex. PIR or Relay
- Support TCP server/Client, Http Client, Cloud

- Location system: Asset, Passenger, Patient, Trailer
- Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle,
Factory, Hospital,,
- Logistic management, Cargo tracking, Airport
baggage management, Warehouse
- Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)
- Asset Management, Internet of Things (IOT)
Profile: Top view
Ceiling mount type: Model RTLS-AP-C
Wall mount type: Model RTLS-AP-W