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RTLS (Real Time Location System)
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Profile-1: SIngle reader by wire
Profile-3: Reader Gateway (WiFi/Ethernet)
Profile-4: Wide Area deployment
RS-232 reader
Model: BLE-232R
BLE Sensor Tag Transmitter
Model: T-[sensor] [T/H/P] [I/O]
Mini BLE (Sensor) Tag (CR-2032 Battery)
Model: BLE-T2
Real Time Location System (RTLS)
Model: RTLS
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reader,RFID reader,Gateway,asset management,personal tracker,access control,LBS,GPS,SCADA,
Profile-2: Multi readers by wire
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The reader will be dispatched to cover the whole monitoring area. The tag
with the max power will reach up to 30 meters in open space in diameter.
The number of the reader is depend on the space and the the tag. We
supply several kinds of reader to meet the requirements of installation.
The followings are the scenarios for system evaluation.
There're several kinds of tags which will be integrated with the sensors.
The basic tag will report the packet periodically. The sensors will be
integrated with the tag and report the sensor value automatically. The
sensors include G-sensor, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, VOC, CH2O,
PM2.5, pressure and etc.. The sensor tag will be customized.
Model: RTLS-R-G