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BLE Dual Mode RS-232 adapter
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BLE Dual Mode RS-232 adapter
Model: BTD-485
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Configuration APP:
1. Baud rate, Parity, Stop bit, Flow control
2. Data communication test
3. Enable central to link peripheral
1. Baud Rate: Supports 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.
8/921.6 Kbps
2. Default Baud rate: 9600 bps
3. Parity: none/even/odd
4. Stop bit: 1/1.5/2
5.Data bit: 7/8
6. Range: 50 m ,in open space for reference only
7. Signal: TxD, RxD, GND, CTS/RTS
8. RS-232 Interface: D_SUB 9-pin female
9. Standard: Bluetooth specification version BLE V4.1
10. Profiles: GATT Serial
11. Frequency: 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz
12. Tx. Power: Max. 3 dBm
13. Rx. Sensitivity: -89 dBm typical
14. Power Supply: 5~27VDC, 1.5A Max
15. Current Consumption: 100 mAh (for reference)
16. Operation Temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C
17. Dimensions: 81.6 mm (L) x 31.75 mm (W) x 17 mm (H)
18.Antenna Gain: Chip antenna max. 2 dB
Configuration APP:
2. Data communication test
3. Enable central to link peripheral
2P Block Terminal Pin definition:
DIP Switch Pin definition:
Programming Interfaces:
1. AT command via R-232 interface (Please check the
user manual)
2. GATT via BLE:
3. Internal or External antenna (option)